Chef Nita Faichowana

 In 1985, Chef Nita left her hometown, Udonthani, to study Education Science at Ram Khamhaeng University in Bangkok, intending to become a teacher in the future. However the natural talent and passion for cooking, which she inherited from her grandmother were stronger and she joined the family restaurant business instead.


In 1993, after helping the family restaurant business for a while, she decided to gain some more experience by joining Royal Jomtien Hotel, Pataya, where she started as a cook and slowly worked her way up as the hotel’s Head Thai Chef.

In 1996, Chef Nita has decided to pass on her knowledge to more people and she was recruited for chef de cuisine in Ruan Thai Restaurant at Wafi (now known as Thai Chi). Chef Nita set up her own opening team of young female cooks only at first as she believes since Thai Chi has an open kitchen it will be more natural to see women cooking plus it is easier to get into girls mind than guys.