Wafi Rewards

Wafi Rewards

Wafi Rewards Arrives! Great WAFI Discounts & Benefits


Wafi Rewards, is a new programme that gives YOU, our loyal customer, exceptional benefits when shopping and dining at over 250 outlets in the Mall and Pyramids including pampering at our popular Cleopatra’s Spa and exercising at Pharaoh’s Club.
It’s about making life rewarding.



By shopping or dining at any outlet in Wafi Mall, Khan Murjan Souk or Pyramids, you will earn Points whenever you make a transaction. These Points can be redeemed at many of Wafi’s wide selection of cafés and restaurants or Cleopatra’s Spa.

In addition Wafi Rewards gives you:

  • Attractive discounts in over 150 stores in Wafi Mall & Khan Murjan Souk.
  • 20% discount in many Pyramids Restaurants and Cleopatra’s Spa.
  • 10% discount off Pharaoh’s Club membership.

One of the innovative features of the new Wafi Rewards Programme, is that you have the choice of using a traditional plastic card, or your mobile phone. New technology being applied by Wafi before anyone else in the region, enables points to be collected and redeemed with a simple wave of your mobile phone - or the rewards card - towards a contact-less tablet. You will then receive an SMS confirming the transaction.



In two very simple ways:

1. Spend Points:
Shop or dine in any outlet in Wafi Mall, Khan Murjan Souk or Pyramids and receive:
• One point for every Dirham spent (up to Dhs 50,000 per purchase)
• Points have Dirham value of 1% of your total points
• Points have a 12 month life span

2. Frequency Points:
You are also rewarded for the number of times you make a purchase (transaction) at Wafi each calendar month with Frequency Points which are added automatically to your Spend Points
• 1-10 transactions per month receives 50 points per transaction e.g. 10 transactions x 50 points = 500 points.
• 11 – 20 transactions per month receives 75 points per transaction e.g. 20 transactions x 75 points = 1,500 points.
• 21 – 30 transactions per month receives 100 points per transaction i.e. 30 transactions x 100 points = 3,000 points.
• 31 to 40 transactions per month receives 150 points per transaction i.e. 40 transactions x 150 points = 6,000 transactions

* To be eligible for Frequency Points the minimum spend per transaction is Dhs 60.



First, go to one of the five conveniently located kiosks in the Mall where a Wafi Rewards card will be issued immediately and your mobile phone number registered.


You can then collect Points in two ways:

1.Points are processed through a contact-less tablet when presenting your Wafi Rewards card or mobile phone at any Pyramids outlet, any outlet in the Café Court, Biella and The Square International Café in the Mall.

2. For all other stores and outlets take your receipt to one of five kiosks conveniently placed around the mall and a simple wave of your mobile phone or rewards card will add the Points.



Simply choose a restaurant/ café or spa from the following:

• Pyramids Restaurants – Asha’s, Sevilles, Carters, Vintage, Medzo, Thai Chi.
• Mall Cafés & Restaurants - Wafi Gourmet, Biella and The Square International Café and all outlets in the Café Court.
• Points can also be redeemed for treatments at Cleopatra’s Spa.

When you are presented with the bill you can request to fully pay, or part pay with your Wafi Rewards Points. Your Points will then be deducted from your account – via your mobile phone or card whichever you wish to use.
In a nutshell, the more you shop, the more Points you receive resulting in the more opportunities you have to dine or pamper yourself for free!